The acquisition includes a transfer of assets: all real estate, the Roermond asphalt plant, equipment, employees and ongoing projects are transferred to Besix Infra Nederland BV.

The Belgian company Besix Group was founded in 1909 and returned to the Dutch market in 1992 under the name Besix Nederland. The company’s portfolio includes civil engineering, utility construction and maritime works projects.

Besix Infra, a subsidiary of the Besix Group since 2017, specializes in road works and complex sanitation works. Two of its three asphalt production sites are close to the Dutch border and were therefore looking for opportunities to expand their activities to the south of the Netherlands.

The President of Besix Infra, Jean Polet, declared: “The acquisition of Strabag’s activities by Besix Infra Nederland is a logical step in Besix Group’s strategy to set up its own road works activities in the south of the Netherlands. Low, in addition to and reinforcement of the existing activities of Besix Nederland.

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Bart Verhulst, Managing Director of Besix Infra, said: “Our aim is to be able to contract, support and carry out road works as well as to produce and process our own asphalt, both independently and as part of integrated projects. with partners. ”

The director of Infra bij Besix Nederland, Kees van Eijk, added: “The vision of Besix Infra Nederland is to maintain continuity, thus continuing to work from the Herten head office and the Roermond asphalt plant with existing personnel and equipment.

The activities of the asphalt laboratory formerly known as TPA Nederland will continue under the name ‘Infra Quality Support’.

Mario Goossens will remain director of the activities acquired at Roermond and Herten. He will be supported by Kees van Eijk in carrying out the strategic plan of Besix Infra Nederland.

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