Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri described the Petroleum Industry Laws (PIA) recently enacted by President Muhammadu Buhari as another step taken by the federal government to maintain the oil-producing states as subordinates.
The governor, as he spoke at the state banquet to mark the 61st anniversary of Nigeria’s independence and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Bayelsa state in Yenagoa, called on aggrieved interests across the country to stop the bloodshed and use dialogue to resolve disputes.
He urged the federal government to reconsider the provisions of the PIA for the sake of oil-producing states and in the interests of peace.
He said: “The recent passage and promulgation of the Oil Industry Law which I have called a ‘recipe for anarchy’ is another step taken to subordinate oil-producing states and make them more of an anarchy. subordinate and superordinate relation.
“There is a missing gap in the relationship of our beloved Bayelsa state and indeed the Niger Delta states and the center is affected. I keep saying it all the time, that every day as a people we worship, every Sunday we go to church to worship, every Friday Muslims go to the mosque to worship, but we still have sins in our society.
“Therefore, in the same vein, we will not tire of continuing to talk about justice and freedom for Bayelsa State and even the Niger Delta region.
“And for us as a state, I like to let us know that our oil is going down, it is expected that very soon no one will be trading on oil; European countries have already started to get rid of fossils, so as long as the oil still lasts, even though we only have 13% of it, and 87% is suitable for the federal government, we will keep talking about it.
“But as we continue to talk about it, we need to look for other ways to diversify our economy in Bayelsa State. We are gathered here today to honor and renew the dreams of our Founding Fathers, of an equal and prosperous Bayelsa State and Nigeria. “

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