Former member of the board of directors of DVLA, Francis Johnny Amegayibor

Mr. Francis Johnny Amegayibor, former member of the board of the Drivers and Vehicles License Authority (DVLA) tasked automotive industry stakeholders, driver unions and safety to develop a new culture of road safety to help reduce accidents.

“The culture of road safety involves the development of clear and easy-to-understand values, beliefs and attitudes that influence the behavior of road users and the actions of stakeholders.

“Creating a positive safety culture is essential to help our country move towards a road network without fatalities,” said Amegayibor, who is also a former treasurer of the Ghana Automobile Distribution Association (GADA), at the office of Tema from Ghana News. Tema MTTD road safety campaign agency and platform.

Mr Amegayibor, who is also a former managing director of Silver Star Auto Limited, said that road accidents have become very common in the country, so there is a need for holistic efforts to reduce them, thanks to the development of road accidents. ‘a new culture.

He said studies in the auto industry have indicated that the lack of regular vehicle maintenance and service is the root cause of some of the traffic accidents, due to the poor culture of vehicle maintenance. .

He noted that people ignored what they described as minor flaws on their vehicles.

Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Regional Director of Tema de GNA, said road accidents were sometimes caused by human factors, the nature of the road or the condition of the vehicle; the three factors must work together to make the road safe, “we cannot ignore any of these factors”.

He said: “Sometimes drivers don’t even understand the vehicle they are driving, modern vehicles behave like human beings, they talk to you by mechanical means, warn you and alert you to all the challenges they are facing. faced, but if you ignore it, then you face the consequences down the road.

Mr. Ameyibor said the Tema GNA and MTTD road safety project seeks to create coherent and systematic weekly awareness raising advocacy on the need to be safe on the road as a user.

It also aims to educate all road users on their respective responsibilities and to raise awareness among drivers in particular of the principles of road safety regulations, rules and laws.

As part of the discussion, there was a hands-on demonstration of the tire components, year of manufacture, expiration date on the tires, and the correct pressure for each tire.

MTTD accident data for the first half of the year indicated that out of a total of 637 road accidents, 445 were in private vehicles.

In the first quarter, out of 344 road accidents of private vehicles recorded 248, and in the second quarter of 293 accidents of private vehicles recorded 197.

In the first quarter, 99 motorcycles were involved in crashes; while in the second trimester the number was 83.

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