Autoliv, a global supplier of automotive safety systems, demonstrated the possibilities of motorized airbags for two wheels in a crash test attended by Malaysia’s transport minister on May 23. The test was carried out as part of the 10th anniversary of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research Laboratory (MIROS).

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Road accidents kill 1.3 million people every year and are the leading cause of death among children and young adults. More than 90% of road deaths occur in developing countries. Motorcyclist safety is a major challenge in Southeast Asia and motorcycle accidents accounted for 66% of all road fatalities in Malaysia in 2021.

In 2021, Autoliv entered into a partnership with MIROS, an organization with a progressive approach to road safety in Malaysia and a particular focus on motorized two-wheelers. This collaboration directly supports Autoliv’s vision of saving more lives and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number three, which aspires to ensure good health and well-being for all, one of its objectives being to halve the number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents in the world. .

“I am very excited and fully support the development of this motorcycle airbag technology. I am sure that MIROS will support and cooperate with Autoliv in the development of this technology and assess its potential to save motorcyclists in our country in the future. future,” said Dr Wee Ka Siong, Malaysia’s Transport Minister.

“Autoliv is committed to our vision of saving more lives and providing life-saving world-class solutions for mobility and society. Autoliv prioritizes the development of products that specifically protect vulnerable road users. Developing these products is an integral part of our sustainability program and an important step towards our goal of saving 100,000 lives every year,” said Mikael Bratt, CEO and President of Autoliv.

The MIROS crash test laboratory, PC3 Crash Lab, has played an important role in the vehicle safety ecosystem for the past ten years. Industrial partners such as Autoliv carry out research and development in collaboration with the test laboratory to improve the level of road and vehicle safety in Southeast Asia and around the world.

“It was a privilege to be part of the MIROS tenth anniversary event and to be invited to crash test with new technology that brings us closer to saving more lives in Southeast Asia. Autoliv has an important role to play in markets like Malaysia, and I’m proud to see Autoliv’s airbag for powered two-wheelers generating interest in the country,” says Cecilia Sunnevång, Vice President, Research at Autoliv.

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