Based in Amsterdam TomToma location-based technology specialist, said on Monday it will work with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and five other partners, to provide traffic services with “higher safety warnings extended and more effective” to Dutch drivers.

The Dutch Ministry, ANWB, Be-Mobile, Inrix, Hyundai and Kia have entered into a new three-year partnership that will provide enhanced safety features to TomTom Traffic Services users.

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Mike Schoofs, Managing Director of TomTom Enterprise, said: “Road safety has always been a priority for TomTom. This partnership will help make driving even safer. We are proud to work on this initiative with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to improve road safety.

About TomTom

Founded in 1991 by Harold Goddijn, Pieter Geelen, Corinne Vigreux and Peter Frans Pauwels, TomTom is a digital mapping and routing company focusing on car navigation. The company’s goal is to gain a competitive advantage through superior products, a leading brand and a flexible production structure.

TomTom claims to deliver better maps through a combination of its high-quality map database which is continually updated with input from its large surveying vehicle fleet and large user community.

Based in Amsterdam and with offices in 30 countries, the company’s technologies are trusted by millions of drivers, businesses and governments every day.

A complete picture of traffic and hazards

According to a statement, data from TomTom and the National Road Traffic Database is integrated (Nationaal Dataportaal Wegverkeer, or NDW). As a result, it will present a more complete picture of traffic obstructions, slow-moving traffic, and events such as road construction, road closures, and restrictions. The accuracy of the data is constantly checked to guarantee its quality. Driver privacy is protected when data is shared and combined.

TomTom says Dutch drivers will now be able to travel more safely and comfortably with these features, which will be made available to all TomTom Traffic Services customers. Drivers will automatically get the new feature. The government will set standards for in-car notifications to ensure they don’t unnecessarily inconvenience drivers.

Mark Harbers, Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management, says: “Currently, 98% of motorists use digital information while driving. Additionally, pilots and projects have shown that warning drivers while driving has a positive effect on road safety. I want to take advantage of these developments, not least because car and truck drivers, for example, have indicated that they appreciate these warnings and are increasingly relying on them.

The Netherlands is preparing for the entry into force of the 2025 European regulations by launching the Safety Priority Services project. Along with nearby traffic notification, drivers will also receive oncoming traffic warnings as well as crucial information to improve road safety, such as relevant speed limits.

In the longer term, it will also be explored whether the service could help raise awareness of risky circumstances to avoid, such as those in school zones.

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