“It’s what it is, but it’s just hard when it’s your busy time of year.” -Lynn Groleau

Grand Traverse County construction project is causing headaches for drivers – and a business that is affected by all road work.

The Groleau Farmer’s Market is the only retail business affected by the construction of a new roundabout at 4 Miles and Hammond near Traverse City. Normally a busy season, traffic is fairly sparse on what is now a one-way street. And construction continues until the end of September.

Lynn Groleau says: “We are always open. We have reduced our hours a bit, we are here every day 10-7 instead of 9-9. It doesn’t pay to be open until 9 a.m. at this time. It is not difficult to access. The Hammond road west is open…. We would just like to see everyone.Groleaus farmer's market

Groleau says ice cream sales are down more than 75%. “The ice cream took a huge hit. This is where we noticed the biggest drop. You know there are other places to go that are easier to get to than us. We don’t do a quarter of what we did in ice cream, and probably half of what we normally do in products. These products include fresh fruits and vegetables, with a display of fresh peaches, cherries and strawberries to name a few.

If you do stop, Lynn says they’ll help get you home during construction.

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