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ADM, UM6P and the MAScIR Foundation join forces for road safety

They are launching a project based on artificial intelligence

The Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc (ADM), the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the MAScIR Foundation announce that they are working together to strengthen the safety of motorway users. Indeed, the three institutions have just launched an innovative research project based on artificial intelligence. The objective is to understand and analyze the causes of accidents on the motorway in order to make the relevant decisions on this subject.

This project is part of the framework cooperation agreement concluded in 2020 between the three partners in the field of scientific and technological research and development. In this sense, they signed, on Wednesday, February 02, 2022, a specific agreement for the implementation of a research project aimed at strengthening safety on national roads.

“This project consists of developing a decision-making solution for processing and enriching data from accident databases, traffic information and the various components of the infrastructure and its equipment, while integrating meteorological and other data. risks related to accidents”, indicate the initiators of this project, adding that this data from different sources will then be analyzed, thanks to artificial intelligence, to eventually produce a system of recommendations for road safety actions allowing ADM reduce the number of accidents and thus increase the safety of motorway users.

For ADM, this project is part of its strategy which gives “absolute priority to the safety of travel on the motorway network, and strengthens the deployment of investment programs in new technologies by opening up to renowned players in research and development”.

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