Akwa Ibom State Governor Mr Udom Emmanuel has finally granted 21.5 kilometers of road construction through four former communities in Ikono Local Government Area to alleviate 50 years of suffering, it has been learned Blueprint.

The road which has a duration of two years to complete will guzzle around N6 billion and cross the Ikot-Anyan, Ediene-Ikono, Ntia-Ikot and Nseyen-Nkwot-Nung Ukim roads with a 45m link bridge.

Speaking to Blueprint over the weekend, local speaker Colonel Stanley Bassey praised Governor Emmanuel for coming to the rescue of communities after years of hardship.

Bassey said former state governors tried to build the road for the general good of the people in the area, but were unsuccessful.

He said it had come to a point where some prominent people in the region had to contribute 10 million naira to build alternative roads linking other regions, but it was not enough.

Bassey said that as the project’s safety manager, the ZEE construction company to whom the work was awarded is doing an excellent job, believing that they will continue to give their best thanks to the quality.

“On behalf of the people of Ikono, I would like to thank His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel for awarding the contract to build 21.5 km of road covering three communities and six neighborhoods in the local government area of Icono.

“It’s never been like this, past governors have tried and failed. So we thank the governor and hope it will be completed on schedule.

“When the company was introduced I spoke with some stakeholders and wanted them to assure me that this was a good company that could build the road as we have been praying for over 50 years “, did he declare.

He said the area which serves as one of the economic circuits of the state has lost its status due to the deplorable road, noting that one of the biggest oil mills which was set up in the area by Foreigners was later dismantled due to road conditions. road.

Speaking on the economic importance of the road, Bassey lamented that farmers had a hard time harvesting their crops and then selling them in the market.

He noted that the region is endowed with capable people who are willing and available to establish businesses in the region if the roads are completed.

“We have important people from the region like the managing director of Standard Flower Mill, the director of the Central Bank, one of the directors of NNPC and some philanthropists, even me, I am a colonel. But we felt very reluctant to build decent houses in the area because of the bad road even if you buy a cement truck it can’t go to the area.

“People come out with their agricultural products from their farms, they cannot go to town to sell them. Life had been very difficult and we suffered in the community for many years.

“We used to have an oil mill in the area that was owned by foreigners, but because of the bad road, the white men who started it are dismantling it.

“We had a few mechanized farms in the area, but due to poor road conditions the owners were unable to continue.

“If we have good roads, so many things will happen because there are millionaires in the area who are skilled enough and ready to bring in businesses.

“Our ancestors started to fight for this, our fathers fought for this and now it is our turn. At this point, I want to say that we are so happy to have a person like Governor Udom Emmanuel,” said he declared.

He expressed his optimism that “as the governor is a sincere person and someone who has the interest of the people of the region at heart, he will release funds for the completion of the road although his term would expire”.

Speaking to one of the villagers in the area, Mrs. Eno-obong Edem praised Governor Emmanuel for stepping in on the road to ease the suffering of the people, calling on him to ensure that the funding is disbursed. to the contractor for its completion.

Further, Mr. Effiong Akpan commended the Governor for his love of people especially in coming to save the communities from the deplorable road, praying for it to be completed as planned.

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