3M and mobileye, an Intel company, have joined forces to advance road safety by bringing outsourced infrastructure asset data to transportation agencies through the 3M Roadway Safety Asset Manager platform, and to continue their joint commitments to reduce road deaths and serious injuries, starting with projects in the United States. States.

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3M’s Road Safety Asset Manager consolidates road safety assets into a single, easy-to-navigate cloud solution and helps transportation authorities manage their road assets such as signs, lane markings, barriers, railings and more. When used by maintenance crews and team leaders, the 3M Road Safety Asset Manager helps schedule maintenance or replacement tasks, and it offers reporting and querying functionality to run an analysis on digitized asset data. This provides a foundation for 3M to continue to develop safety analysis tools that improve data integration, predictability, and machine vision analysis.

To meet the growing demand for data-driven asset management services, transport authorities need appropriate and high-quality data collection systems, helping them to allocate their resources and prioritize projects quickly and efficiently. profitable. The collaboration between 3M and Mobileye will enable transportation authorities to modernize their asset management tools with frequently updated asset data, helping to achieve their operational and safety goals.

“Until we achieve zero fatalities and serious injuries on the roads, we will relentlessly innovate products, systems and services that help bring families home safely, whether organically or through partnerships,” said Dr. Dan Chen, president of 3M’s Transportation Safety Division. “We are delighted to establish this cooperation with Mobileye; it brings together two leaders in their respective fields to help advance road safety and improve the efficiency of road asset management. »

Mobileye’s innovative participatory mapping technology leverages advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to help automate the mapping, monitoring and maintenance prioritization of road assets. Mobileye’s technology will be leveraged with the 3M™ Roadway Safety Asset Manager, a cloud-based application for tracking the condition and maintenance of road assets. Tracking road assets, such as signs, pavement markings, and guardrails, is essential for road safety because it helps prioritize projects based on data for asset maintenance.

“Data-driven decision-making is essential in asset management and ultimately a crucial component to improving road safety,” said Uri Tamir, general manager, Mobileye North America. “3M’s innovative asset management solution puts the power of advanced data technology in the hands of transportation infrastructure authorities in their quest for safer roads.”

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