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The Top 5 Worst Presidents of All Time

April 4, 2011 by admin | Filed under Politics.

This top five list  of worst presidents is based on highest unemployment,promises not kept,debt created,money spent,bad decisions,cover ups,lies,deceit,just the worst of the worst presidents we have ever had. Some are Democrats and some are Republicans, but one thing is for certain these are the worst of all time.

  1. Barack Obama-Spent more money then all other presidents combined in less than 1 year in office. Has had the highest unemployment since the great depression. Homeless everywhere, high taxes,no jobs created,high prices, forced Obama care down our throats,no promises kept. We are now involved in 3 wars at the same time.  Easily the worst president ever.
  2. Woodrow Wilson-Criticized the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Signed over the banking system to the Federal Reserve with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act. This was the worst bill ever signed in the History of the United States, and it continues to bankrupt our country to this day.
  3. Jimmy Carter-18% Inflation rate, gas shortage. Unemployment was semi High, leadership and decision making flaws.
  4. George W. Bush Jr-Rigged election over Al Gore. Gore actually won the election but had it stolen from Bush in the re count. 9/11 Cover up and scandal. The biggest Cover up and fraud in the history of the United States. The second Iraq war, lied about weapons of mass destruction. Started the Housing collapse which still has not recovered to this day. One of the most disliked presidents of all time.
  5. Herbert Hoover-Was the sitting President when the great wall street crash happened in 1929. Was the sitting president during the great depression and failed to do anything positive to get the country kicked started again.


14 Responses to “The Top 5 Worst Presidents of All Time”

  1. crazy says:

    i dont think barack obama is the worst presedent i dont even think u know wat ur talking about :S

  2. robert bova says:

    FINALLY! someone that KNOWS what they are talking about! urkel odumba IS the worst idiot ever to steal his way into the white house.

  3. Terry says:

    Obama is the worst President ever. He not only is the worst, but he is easily the most arrogant. He brazenly lies and undermines the Constitution, the same one he swore to uphold.

  4. Mike says:

    Obamma obviously inherited the raping and pillaging of the bush administration…..if I were republican I would do what ever icould to distance myself from George bush…who should be at the top of this list…igmoring intelligence reports of terrorist attacks, two wars….banking industry meltdown. The reason for the second bail out was strategic in that,it allowed repubs to point to Obama as beings spender also….if bush did the entire bailout the he would have had to should 100%. This way idiot Americans can put the most disastrous years of modern history in the past. OurADD society only remembers what’s in front of them…and that’s currently Obama….what kind of politicians take a oath of office….then take the oath of a PAC to deliberately avoid debate, middle ground and to do a job they were hired to do….deliberately blocking anything that would help America. Find out who those people are. And vote them out…..our political system is to come to debate and develop laws/legislation that are good for this country….with our elected officials COMPROMISING. Instead we get ignorance and close minds. That’s the crime…..Obama has killed public enemy one two and three….no one wants Osama bin Ladens job cause some guy in Virginia will launch a drone and take you out. Those idiots in the bush administration fucked each other in the ass allowing our neighbors relatives, and family to be slaughter by friendly fire, suicide, or IUDs. To the tune of one trillion dollars a year….then we find out we were lied too….demand more for your elected officials…they work for even assholes like TERRY….
    Dummy up dude….you share no facts or insight…just bullshit rhetoric….

  5. Loraine says:

    I agree Obama is the worst president of all time and he is also a closet homo

  6. Then Reality kicks in says:

    Your critique of Obama has no merit, as it is patently false. The national debt was 10.5 trillion when he took office, and he started with the worst deficit in history. You said he “Spent more money then all other presidents combined in less than 1 year” but this is patently false; spending has decreased under Obama. Bush’s last budget was the 2009 budget, which included the TARP Wall Street bailout Bush needed to keep the banks from total collapse. That alone was nearly a trillion dollars. You say high taxes; tax rates are lower under Obama than any time in our lives. You said highest unemployment since the Depression: that would be Reagan actually. HTH

    • Then Reality kicks in says:

      You might want to look at Harding. Bush 41 blew too; he was the one person most responsible for our failed middle east policies that have left us with Iraq and Iran and Syria as problems. Plus, he was the force behind deregulating the Savings and Loans, which gave us that crash and a trillion dollar, scandal-ridden bailout. When he left office, unemployment was right back to where it was when Reagan/Bush began in 1980, and the national debt had quadrupled from the day Carter left office.

  7. L.E. Alba says:


    • L.E. Alba says:

      Barack Obama has accomplished more than any POTUS since FDR!
      Umeployment: under 6%
      Gas: under $2/gal
      Wall Street booming!
      Out of two expensive, ill-advised Republican wars
      Resolved at least 6 hot spots with global conflicts through diplomacy, sanctions 7 good judgment/

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