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The Top 5 things you need for Survival when America Collapses

March 10, 2011 by admin | Filed under Everything Else.

1. Plan and Prepare for a emergency. No Grocery stores, No electricity and no water service. It might take 6 months or longer to get some sort of stability back into America when the economic collapse happens. Just like the old fable about the Grasshopper and the ant. The Grasshopper did not prepare and perished and the ant was prepared and survived. You can survive if you are prepared. If you do not prepare you will have a very hard time surviving.

2. Buy a Generator and have ways to start a fire for heat and cooking purposes. When there is no electricity and no fuel available to run your generator you will need to be able to start a fire. Stock up on lighters. You can find wood when needed and burn everything you dont need to maintain heat or to have a cooking source for survival. Also stock up on candles and or lamp oil and oil lamps.

3. Have a way to defend your property from bands of lawless criminals that will try and take what is yours. Have a least one firearm with a lot of ammo to be able to defend your family. There will be looters everywhere and if they pick your residence to invade and you start shooting they will move on to the next house who might not have a firearm to protect themselves with. People will turn into animals and there will be no police force to protect you.

4. Start buying canned goods with a long shelf life. The more food you can afford to stock up the better. If you can afford to buy MRE’s then do so. This investment in food supplies could be the difference in your survival. When you are hungry and starving you are more acceptable to sickness. Buy vitamins,aspirin,and a first aid kit and get some water purification pills. When your water is shut off you might have to drink dirty pond water to survive. If you have no pills then boil your water and strain it thru a fabric. There are all types of pollution in river water and pond water that can get you deathly ill if you drink it without purification.

5. Stock up on seeds for growing your own vegetables. There will be no stores to buy seeds from if you do not have any seeds, then you cannot grow any crops. Buy a bucket of seeds, these are available online in many places right now. After the collapse you will not be able to get seeds anywhere except from the actuall plant itself and that will not be a easy task. Also have at least one shovel for digging and planting.


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