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The Top 5 Rappers of All Time

March 22, 2011 by admin | Filed under Music.

The Genre of Hip Hop and Rap has always been a battleground to see who could rap the fastest, the cleverest wordplay, using the most metaphors. There are different styles of rappers for every taste. The top 5 rappers of all time are based on my massive knowledge of music and hip hop in general. I could give reason’s and record sales data. But it is not necessary as my top 5 are the top 5 greatest rappers of all time point blank period.

1. Tupac Shakur

2. Eminem

3. Jay-Z

4. Biggie Smallz

5. Rakim


12 Responses to “The Top 5 Rappers of All Time”

  1. 6 digit c says:

    This is based on relavance, substance, and who been on they grind
    And still is hot forever

  2. coolicewater says:

    I agree with your listing except for the fact that Nas is not on this list. Whom to take off; I’d personally say Jay Z. I respect the hustle, the business man, the flows, and lyrically Jay is there. But you can’t diss Biggie, Tupac, Rakim, and Em lyrically is on another planet. Because Jay “was keeping Biggie alive” by biting lines from him early in his career, I just can’t put him in the 1st 5! Nas lyrically is possibly the nicest. If your talking sales & popularity, he isn’t in the top 5. But the best rappers ever, I am cool with your list. If it was the best emcees alive, I think Nas would have to be on the list & I’d probably drop Em or Jay…Ice…

  3. Homie is right though, thats some bullshit. Nas gotta be on there. Nigga never seem to realize Nas painted pictures for the mind the most beautifully. The best story teller and description artist. We all know Nas won the battle between him and J. I say that because Jay-Z had everybody on the Roc coming at Nas but Nas murdered everybody lyrically solo dolo. Beanie Segal is better than Jay-Z. Every track they was on together Beans Killed him. The best rapper can cover alot of spectrums like Krazy Bone and Twista are the best Fastest rappers or Killa Priest and Canibus being the best battle rappers. Gotta be clear when it comes to the word BEST.

  4. Lil' G King says:

    1. 2pac
    2. The game
    3. Eazy-e
    4. Ice-Cube
    5.Biggie Small

  5. afzal says:

    1. 2pac
    3.Eazy -E
    4.Snoop dogg
    5.Jay- z

  6. Samori Samad says:

    1) 2pac
    2) Notorious B.I.G.
    3) Rakim
    4) Nas
    5) Eminem

  7. outsideniggaz says:

    1. Tupac
    2. Notorious B.I.G.
    3. Papoose
    4. Raekwon
    5. W.C.

  8. cory jae says:

    The Game

  9. maebel says:

    1 ice cube
    2 2pac
    3 dr. dre
    4 easy e
    5 notorious big

  10. 1.Tupac
    5.Jay-Z That’s the real top 5

  11. Eazy-ced says:

    Y’all niggaz don’t know: 1. 2 Pac
    2. Juicy J
    3. T.I
    4. Jay Z
    5. The Notorious B.I.G

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