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The Top 5 Reasons you are Broke

September 2, 2014 by admin | 2 Comments | Filed in People

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1. You are too lazy to get a job and you live off the Government welfare system.

2. You have bad habits drinking alcohol,smoking cigarettes,smoking marijuana,eating fast food,gambling. Any of these bad habits will cost you thousands of dollars a year.

3. You only have a High School Education. A good 4 year degree will guarantee you make over 1 million more than a person with just a High School diploma. A person who earns a Masters degree that sum goes up to 2.83 million more than a simple High School diploma. Go to college or there is strong chance you will always be broke.

4. You hang out with the wrong crowd. You cannot get ahead financially if you associate with others that have bad money habits and no ambition to do anything but become a factory worker or a wannabe rapper.

5. You waste time on social networks or watching television. The majority of wealthy individuals spend their time engaging in self-improvement, investing in the stock market and working side jobs or getting advanced degrees that could lead to more financial rewards.


The Top 5 Biggest waste of times on the Internet

July 16, 2014 by admin | 3 Comments | Filed in Internet

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If you want to waste your life the biggest place to do it is online.

1. Facebook – Countless hours wasted looking at other peoples profiles and reading other peoples problems.

2. Youtube – It is taking the place of television for this generation of teenagers. Massive time wasted on it.

3. Twitter – A complete waste of time

4. Instagram – Looking at pictures and trying to post pictures to impress people is just a waste of time.

5. Pinterest – Meaningless site filled with memes and pics that will waste a lot of your time.